This blog is designed to explore the new Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. But since I LOVE to blog....I am sure I'll wander off into some other musings about fairytales!!

"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two of Wands: Country Mouse and City Mouse

The Two of Wands showcases one of my favorite tales, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. Two very different personalities and lifestyles collide. I love the delicate setting depicted on the card and am so glad it was the country scene rather than the city.

Reminded by this card that the "grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence." It also suggests that while something seems like a good idea, it may not turn out to be...very true of so much of life. In another version I remember it is not so much that the city mouse is snobby and putting on airs...but simply that each longs for something they do not have. The country mouse the excitement of the big city and the city mouse the quiet peace of the country. So in that version we are reminded to be happy with what we do have, as well as, recognizing that we are unique individuals with unique needs.

As a Wand card, with the element of fire, it suggests to me that the "spark of life" or the "passion for living" is highlighted by our adventures but more often reflected in the warm glow of the "home fires". As a 2 representing "exchanges" I also see in this card the exchange of ideas about life, what is satisfying, exchanges of hospitality and exchanges of beliefs about what makes "the good life."

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday!

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