This blog is designed to explore the new Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. But since I LOVE to blog....I am sure I'll wander off into some other musings about fairytales!!

"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Little Match Girl

This picture sort of reminds me of the Little Match Girl (all grown up). Shivering in the cold at the bottom of a Cinderella type staircase. Cinderella could be the Little Match Girl, she did clean the fireplace and shivered from the cold of the stepmother's hatred. It reminds me that our "frosty attitudes" toward people can plunge us into the bitter landscape of life just as the Match Girl collapsed in the cold of her own inner world. For maybe the story is not about really wasting away in the bitter cold of a real physical world but rather of freezing in our own inner worlds of doubt and self neglect. Just something I thought of as I was mulling over the cold snowflakes falling into the dark landscape of our yard.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two of Wands: Country Mouse and City Mouse

The Two of Wands showcases one of my favorite tales, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. Two very different personalities and lifestyles collide. I love the delicate setting depicted on the card and am so glad it was the country scene rather than the city.

Reminded by this card that the "grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence." It also suggests that while something seems like a good idea, it may not turn out to be...very true of so much of life. In another version I remember it is not so much that the city mouse is snobby and putting on airs...but simply that each longs for something they do not have. The country mouse the excitement of the big city and the city mouse the quiet peace of the country. So in that version we are reminded to be happy with what we do have, as well as, recognizing that we are unique individuals with unique needs.

As a Wand card, with the element of fire, it suggests to me that the "spark of life" or the "passion for living" is highlighted by our adventures but more often reflected in the warm glow of the "home fires". As a 2 representing "exchanges" I also see in this card the exchange of ideas about life, what is satisfying, exchanges of hospitality and exchanges of beliefs about what makes "the good life."

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday!

Wow I almost missed posting for Tarot Spread Tuesday!! This week instead of a spread...I'm going to give some links to some awesome spreads and articles by others!!

Tarot Elements has up a very good spread called The Horseshoe Spread!

Tarot Eon suggests trying some non postional spreads.

On YouTube a Six Card Yes or No Spread

At Angel Paths there is an interesting one called the Mirror Spread

And a rather large spread at Super Tarot: The Twenty Two Card Spread

Check them out....each one has something unique to offer.

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Fairy Tale Friday

Here's your fairy tale for today....maybe you can relate.

"Once upon a time there was a friendly lady, who loved to entertain, help people relax and enjoy themselves. She used her creative talents to host many gatherings, summer theme parties, patio parties, Christmas festivities, brunches, Boo Bashes, and assorted other fun adventures.

Now this VERY same lady always vowed to prepare ahead of time for such gatherings but alas life always seemed to get in the way and usually the day before a big event...for example BOO BASH -3, slated for Halloween night, she found herself pondering the menu, making lists, shopping for ingredients, cleaning the house, getting costumes ready, and all sorts of "last minute" details.

In general, the lady was very lucky because even with a lot of "oh my gosh why'd I wait till the last minute whining" her events seem to be fun, enjoyed by others, and perhaps what one could term a success. Only she knew that behind closed doors evil monsters lurked, clothes were piled here and there, and just maybe a few things were stuffed in closets.Now this didn't really help her stress level much when the final hours rolled around but here once again she finds herself preparing for the onslaught.

Magically the house cleans itself, the food is prepped and ready to be cooked to perfection, the decorations are organized and ready to be displayed, the costumes are dug out of boxes and freshly laundered, no dust, no clutter, no last minute toilet cleaning...

HMMMMMM....I did say this was a fairy tale...didn't I? Time to STOP blogging and start cleaning....Enjoy your Friday....I'm off to create a "happily ever after..."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday!!

It's TAROT SPREAD TUESDAY....I meant to have a little round up ready for you today with links to some great spreads I've been discovering online but has a way of throwing things into disarray!! So hopefully that will be my goal for next week. Instead today we will talk and think about the NO SPREAD...spread.

When I was very new to oracles and tarot cards I first discovered the No Spread spread idea in the book that came with the Froud's Faeries cards. MacBeth calls it a faery spread but I have since discovered lots of no spread spreads. Or I should say...ideas or ways to do a reading without a predetermined spread. At times when I work with them they are fabulous and at other times I miss the 'position" spreads...where each card represents a factor or a question. But I am rambling again...lets get to a NO SPREAD method.

Take the deck of cards shuffle them and cut them. etc. Pick out however many cards you wish to use for this reading. Put the rest of the deck to the side. Take the chosen cards and place them on the surface before whatever manner you choose. Now before turning any cards over spend some time looking at what you have before you. Do any cards present themselves as representing something?...For example if you have a card sideways might it represent a block? Or if you have three cards in a row...might they represent a path etc.? Don't push this but if something represents itself to you....then go with it. Read the cards!!!

So there it's spread at all!!! Give it a try. You will be amazed at the wealth of information that flows freely in a no spread reading! I'd love to hear how your no spread readings go...let me know!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday: Mirror Mirror

It's another tarot spread Tuesday! Wow the weeks are going by's tarot spread is a simple one I have been using with the Fairy Tale's called Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Five in the center and four, one on each corner around the card in the center.

Card One is the left hand upper corner, Card Two is the right hand upper corner, Card Three is the lower left corner, while card four is the lower right corner. Card five is in the center.

Card One: Is the thoughts of the situation.

Card Two: Is the feelings of the situation.

Card Three: Is what clouds the situation

Card Four: Is that which is real...the true essence of the situation.

Card Five: Is that which we wish to see. May be our false perspective or what we long to be.

Hope you try out Mirror Mirror on the Wall and let me know how it works for you!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Fairy Tale Friday

Image Copyright 2009 Lisa Hunt Used by Permission

It's another Fairy Tale Friday.....and it's time for the Polish tale....The Glass Mountain. Work calls....but I'll be back this evening for more about this fairy tale and thoughts about the card it represents, In the meantime....enjoy reading the tale and feel free to search for some different versions of it...I'd love to see whats out there!!

Okay time to round out my Fairy Tale Friday post. It's been a busy weekend.

Fairy Tale: The Glass Mountain is the tale of a Princess trapped in a beautiful castle at the top of a glass mountain with slippery slopes and deep ravines where many have perished try to reach her. She despairs of ever finding a husband until one day a clever young man makes himself some claws to cling to the side of the mountain. But even with this clever invention he still encounters troubles with birds, and apple trees, and dragons. Finally of course he reaches the princess and in doing so wins not only her hand in marriage but also brings back to life all those that have perished in their attempts to reach her.

The Card: Seven of Cups: challenges and getting past illusions.

Another version: The Glass Mountain

I think the story speaks to creativity and determination but honestly, also a certain amount of luck. It sort of makes me think that some things are meant to being in the right place at the right time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday: The Haunted Path

I'm going to try a slightly different version of the Once Upon a Time Spread in celebration of Halloween.

The Haunted Path
Just as in the Once Upon a Time spread, put the Fool card to the side. You then shuffle the deck and select 5 cards. Add the Fool with the five cards....shuffle and then place them in a single row, left to right. The difference is in the number of cards used and the way the cards are read according to a meaning Any cards to the left of the Fool have already happened or something the seeker is aware of. Any cards to the right are yet to come or are things the seeker isn't aware of. In reading the cards you jump over or ignore the Fool card and read the meanings as follows...keep in mind whether they are to the left or right of the Fool.
1. Card One: Describes the path the seeker is on
2. Card Two: Decribes what haunts the path
3. Card Three: Describes what clears the path
4. Card Four: Describes an alternative path
5. Card Five: Gives Advice.
Depending on a particular reading...sometims all five cards will be to the right of the Fool...indicating what is yet to come or be known....or vice versa they could be all to the left....indicating that which has already passed....or any combination.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fairy Tale GiveAway

In celebration of October, Fairy Tales, and the Fool's journey through life.....Once Upon a Time is having a giveaway....The Prize?

Little Red Riding Hood by Andrea Wisnewski.

This retelling of the classic tale has a few twists and turns. With graceful illustrations that emulate woodcuts and some changes in characters...for example the woodman is Little Red's father the story is sure to delight young readers or the fairy tale collector.

To read more about the book visit this amazon page.

Since I'm a bit late getting started...the giveaway will run from today until November that time all names of people leaving comments will be put in a drawing...0ne time for each the more you comment...the more chances you have to win...

So good luck and enjoy!!!

The Story of My Week

The idea that I use with some other decks is to pick a card on Sunday evening or afternoon or whenever really...and that becomes my weekly card and other cards that week are looked at it relation to the weekly card.

Here is a worksheet that I have found useful for this activity but you can create your own or even just use plain note paper. Daily Weekly Draw Worksheet

I thought it might be fun to "play around" with this concept and create a Story of My Week activity to use with the Fairy Tale Tarot cards. To me one of the main parts of this deck is the tales themselves and the "lessons" they present. The idea behind the activity is to explore the card but also to explore the fairy tale and how it might have a "message" for the week. Even without the idea of a message it gives a focus for the week or one small tidbit of life to reflect on and ponder as we go about daily life. We can look for ways where the tale plays out in our week in one manner or another.

I have created a worksheet in googledocs for the activity which you may feel free to use. Sometimes goggledocs gives me fits so hopefully you will be able to access it. If not let me know and I'll see about emailing it to you. You can find the webpage with the document: The Story of My Week. You are free to use it and to link to it but please do not publish the form itself on any other website.

I hope you enjoy the activity and look forward to hearing the story of your week and how the fairy tales enriched it!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Fairy Tale Friday!!!

Today's fairytale is Urashima and the Turtle. This is a Japanese tale about loss and regret.

Urashima takes pity on a turtle he catches and lets it go, only to be rescued many years later byt this same turtle. It takes him to an underwater kingdom and turns into a beautiful (of course) princess, whom he marries. After several years he wishes to return to shore to visit his home for one last time. Upon doing so he discovers that hundreds of years have passed in what was only a few years beneath the sea. In his grief he opens tha magic box the princess had given him and warned against doing so he begins to age and dies there on the shore...alone.

Sad....the book states that this card represents sadness and regret. Change has dealt a great blow. Accept loss and move forward. While all of those a very good meanings...what immediately came to mind for me is...."you can nver go back" or pehaps "let go of the past or it will destroy you".

PLEASE be sure and read the comment posted by iceclone for a link to another version of the story.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday: Haunted House

As promised another spread and a Halloween gem at that. I first noticed this in a post by Astraea Aurora but she further referenced it to this post by Metafizzypop So thanks to both members at aeclectic forums for this great spread!!! What a great one for October!

If you are interested in the card positions just click on Metafizzypop and it will take you to the thread post that shows the spread. The card questions/topics are listed below.

The Haunted House:

1.- The Skeletons in the Closet - The secrets you keep from others.

2 - The Rats in the Basement - The secrets you keep from yourself.

3 - The Black Cat in the Parlour - What makes your claws come out?

4 - The Jack O Lantern in the Kitchen - What, or who, would you like to take a knife to and carve up?

5 - The Ghost in the Bedroom - What, or who, haunts your mind and thoughts?

6 - The Spider in the Bathroom - What totally creeps you out.

7 - The Bats in the Attic - What drives you to the brink of madness.

8 - The Front Door - The way out of all this insanity ......... or maybe, the way in.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Full Moon Hello October

Here's a snapshot of where I will be doing the Full Moon Hello October readings this evening. Right now there is brilliant sunlight streaming in but when the sun sets the moonlight will fall throught the window and I will open the shades and perhaps even the window itself if weather permits. Since it is a Harvest Moon, I have included some pumpkins and gourds as well as autumn spiced candles. In celebration of the faeries I have added a few seashells.

I plan to take a lovely walk by moonlight before starting my series of readings. I hope to clear my mind and center myself for the readings. I will be using three different decks: Fairy Tale Tarot (which is pictured in this spread) and Froud's Faeries and also my newest deck Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle.

In the spread above: Card One is in the the top is Card Two and then around to the right are Cards Three through Seven. In a simple sort of way it creates a full moon circle. According to my readings, the Harvest Moon typically falls in September but this year it is in October. It will not be in October again until 2017. Since October is also my birthday month, I feel as if this moon is a powerful one for me in particular and hope that it brings forth positive energy and growth, not only for the readings but also for my life in general. Harvest moons are about completion and bringing things into being. The harvest after long months of work. A celebration of bounty for the coming months of cold.

Take Care and I will be back later to write up my Fairy Tale Tarot Full Moon Hello October Reading!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Once Upon a Time Update

October will be a GREAT month here at Once Upon a Time...

  • I'll continue with Tarot Spread Tuesday's and since it's Halloween this month we wil be looking at some good spreads to use with a little Halloween twist to them.
  • Fairy Tale Fridays are a good way to look at each fairy tale from the Fairy Tale Tarot in a bit more depth...with some links to other sources and some different versions. I'd like to get into some of the history of the fairy tales too but honestly it will just depend on how much blogging time I have!!!
  • In honor of Halloween, I will host a blog give away...hmmm not sure of the details yet so check back....something fairy tale related though!!!
  • Next up....Comparing the Princesses.....
  • Another fairy tale character poll.....
  • Write up on my Full Moon Hello October reading using the Fairy Tale Tarot

I hope readers are enjoying my ramblings here at Once Upon a Time....sometimes it is so hard to tell if those random thoughts that present themselves to me are really worth blogging about or not...Hope you have a great weekend....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fairy Tale Friday: The Snake Prince

When the old woman finds a snake in her pot by the river, she decides to bring it home and basically commit suicide by letting it bite her. Instead she discovers a lovely necklace, which she presents to the king. He locks it away until his wife wishes to wear it and then discovers it has turned into a baby boy. After many years the Prince marries a Princess who discovers that he has a curse and turns into a snake at night. When she uncovers this secret, he returns to the muddy waters of the river. He does visit her again and instructs her to put out bowls of water and sugar and demand from the Snake Queen that she wants her husband. Bravely she does this and her husband is returned to human form.

For some reason I find this a little creepy. Perhaps because I don't like snakes very much but the story reminds me that lots of people have hidden secrets and uncovering them can cause great pain (the loss of her husband) but sometimes it is necessary to really know the truth to move foreward.

This Indian fairy tale is also sometimes called The Enchanted Snake. There is a slightly longer, and a little different version. HERE. As I was looking for other images of The Snake Prince it came to mind that its sort of just a different version of "kissing the frog" which is an enchanted princess under an evil spell. It does bring it to a more sinister level...a snake.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Monthly Reading

On Sunday I will actually do two October Monthly Readings. Here at Once Upon a Time I will post the one I do using the Fairy Tale Tarot. Over at my other "card" blog, The Quest, I will post about the one I do using another deck....haven't quite decided which deck that will be yet. Then at the end of October I will post a reflection about the month to see how the cards played out in my life.

I've never done a monthly reading looking at the month ahead. Iv'e done many weekly ones but never for a month. This should be interesting because October is alos my birthday month and a month typically high in energy for me.

Well, time to head to work and throughout the day I will be pondering which fairy tale I will use for Fairy Tale Friday....hmmmm....the possiblities.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Tarot Spread Tuesday: Hello October

As I mentioned earlier, I'd like to focus on Tarot Spreads on Tuesdays. Some will be my own creations, some will be interesting ones I find, and sometimes I will focus on topics about spreads rather than an actual spread in some way the topic for Tuesday will be related to spreads.

For today we will look at a spread posted by Nirvie over at aeclectic forums. She called it Hello October but it is basically a monthly spread that can be used to examine the month that lies ahead. Since it is almost October first, I thought it would be a great one to share here. I think there are two good times in October to give it a try. October 1st or the full moon which this year is on Sunday October 4th.

It has seven cards with the topics as listed below.

1) Month Overview
2) Overview of Friendships this month
3) Overview of Relationships/LoveLife this month
4) Overview of Work/Academics this month
5) Positive Energies entering this month
6) Potential Obstacles of this month
7) Advice for the month

If you use it on the full moon I would suggest a circular layout, with card one is the middle and the rest of the cards around it...with the two at the top then clockwise around card one.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Comparing the Kings

The Fairy Tale Tarot represents the four kings in the deck with:

  • The King of Cups: The Golden Headed Fish
  • The King of Wands: Aladdin/Arabian Nights
  • The King of Swords: How Raven Brought Light to the World
  • The King of Pentacles: The Frost King

The King of Cups dealing with emotions and with the element of water uses the Golden Headed Fish to bring forth the ideas of diplomacy and wise caring. Exercising care and compassion are key traits of this king!

The King of Wands dealing with actions and energy embodies the element of fire. The use of Aladdin to highlight risk taking, authority, and mental vitality reflects the idea that one can transform ideas into action. Quick thinking and mental alertness are key traits of this king.

The King of Swords dealing with thinking and ideas symbolizes the element of air. How the Raven Brought Light to the World, emphasizes the analytical mind and focus. The raven is a cunning trickster who uses his ideas and thinking to reach his objective. Creativity and focus are key traits of this king.

The King of Pentacles dealing with physical pursuits, finance and work represents the element earth. The Frost King with the key word of integrity, support and wealth, is a harsh tale of jealousy and ill will. In the end the cruel Frost King spares the innocent girl but the "favored child" is frozen. Integrity and compassion for those deserving are key traits of this king. He is not easily fooled.

Each of the kings represents key human traits and could be read as an individual in a reading or as situations requiring those traits to be resolved.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Which Fairy Tale Character Poll Up

A new fairy tale character poll is up....Which fairy tale character is Taylor!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Elements Speak

Two of Swords + Ten of Pentacles

Air + Earth..................................................................

The need to change the surrounding environment. Possibility if challenging people, events, institutions. Not enough energy to make a difference yet. Someone losing touch with reality.

Hmmm yes this pair makes a lot of sense with the events of today. Interesting. Air and Earth two very opposite elements....connected yet never really connected...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's Pair of Elements

King of Swords and XI Justice

Air + Air.....finally a new fire....but.....

"A highly unstable combinatin. Total lack of direction, illness, potentially deterimental, running away with your thoughts." My thought: Chaos exists in the mind. There is a fine line between creative and chaotic."

Oh great....nice mid week but not really all that surprising for the way this week is shaping up!!



Monday= Earth + Fire

Tuesday= Earth + Fire

Wednesday= Air + Air

So today is a critical turn in the week....things are no longer stable....but they may get so out of whack that it is chaotic, especially in thought porcesses.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Once Upon A Time

As much as I'm enjoying the element study...I feel a need to get some new stuff going here at Once Upon A Time...

  • I'll be getting a new fairy tale character poll up...I've been a bit lax with that...however our new poll will feature none other than Taylor Swift...yes the teenage swooning love song singing inspirational Taylor Swift (I mean she might has gotten upstaged by Kayne West at the VMA but we aren't going to make that same mistake here at Once Upon a Time..) be thinking...what fairy tale character is Taylor Swift!!!

  • Next we will be featuring Fairy Tale Fridays here at Once Upon a Time....I'm not sure exactly how that is going to unfold...but I'd like to do a bit of fairy tale comparison...versions I mean...using some of the ones from the Fairy Tale Tarot as well as we will take it week by week and see how it works out!

  • Comparing the Kings....sort of got off track with that....I wrote about Comparing the Queens and now I need to get started on the Kings...Kings...fascinating cards...depth and color...well....more about that later

  • Tarot Spread Tuesdays....a new spread to try or a review of one I have discovered somewhere!!

We will start with these items and once I have them completed or at least have them underway...I'll be back with another grouping of things to explore.

A Twin Pair?

This is so odd. I shuffled the deck several times, cut it into thirsda and restacked.....and the pair I drew for today is EXACTLY the same as yesterday.

Four or Pentacles and Princess of Wands.

At first I was going to shuffle and redraw but then I decided NO....these two cards are trying to tell me I need to listen.

I really don't have a lot of time this morning as I have an early morning meeting to prepare I will ponder this throughout the day and come back later to write it up!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Tie It Together

First I'll start with a few thoughts about today's pair and the link to the weekly draw. The earth plus fire played out about like I read it. The change process is slow and hindered by rules, regulations, the "old way" etc. I think that the Air + Fire weekly card is still on target...the atmosphere is one of change and trying to move forward with plans...but it's sort of one of those two steps forward and one back things!

Card meanings for today's pair...

Four of Pentacles: Material gain, Security

Princess of Wands: Creative energy, determination, self confidence, adventure

Adding in the elements....I am going to say: The need for security creates a situation in which change is slowed but with determination and creativity some progress will be made.

Wow I like the way the elements help round out the card meanings.

Monday's Elemental Focus

Well today's two card draw is Four of Pentacles and Princess of Wands. Since I am looking at elemental dignities this week...I will start with that...

We have EARTH + FIRE.....firm foundation, slow steady growth. I think that's a nice start to the week....but I also wonder about something that just sort of popped into my mind. Perhaps it means: "Change tempered/slowed by being stable or grounded.....or even change blocked by the status quo"

Sometimes when I see a combo or read the meanings as proposed...I draw a blank and just go with the other times...thoughts or sayings just sort of "present themselves" to me...and when that happens I try to jot them down also. I like that the ideas of others become the spingboard for my own growth and ideas....powerful stuff.

I really want to delve into the fairy tale/tarot meanings but will leave that for this evenings post...Have a GREAT day!!!

P.S. Forgot to add....that makes two fire cards this in the weekly/atmosphere drawing and then today's. I will be watching as the cards unfold to see if a certain element is overpowering or attempting to "take over"...or perhaps ignored so it is trying to assert itself.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Elemental Weekly Draw

Okay so it's time for the Sunday evening draw....and it is

The Fool/Innocence and the Nine of Wands

Air (or Spirit) + Fire

A combination that has air fueling fire...a problem solved or plans working....NOW that would be a good thing at work right now!! I'm a bit concerned that with nothing to hold it in check it might run wild...that parts a little scary!!

Still I think overall a nice combo for the week....we will see how it unfolds along with the daily two card draws. Remember I am proposing that the weekly draw be sort of considered the atmopshere or the "energy" so to speak of the week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Two Card Elemental Dignities Study

This week I am going to be taking a look at elemental dignities and two card draws as suggested by Catherine and Douglas of Tarot Elements and Tarot Eon in their new series about using elemental dignities. This will be a slight variation of the daily draw. I am also going to weave into it the whole weekly card pattern that I have been exploring. Here's how it will work:

On Sunday Evening I will draw a pair of cards for my weekly draw....I will focus on reading the elemental combination of those two cards and record both what Douglas and Catherine have to say and any of my own reflections about the combo. I will not use all of their ideas but intuitively pick the one that "speaks' to me. I find that too many choices can muddy the water.

Then each day I will draw my pair and do the same thing...with the added idea of how does the daily pair impact the weekly draw. Here's what I'm thinking. The weekly draw is proposed to convey a weekly message or overall theme. With the elements I would propose the idea that it will convey an over all atmosphere. For example two waters might indicate a week full of strong emotion or a week where one gets stuck in an emotional state. Another example might be a fire and water combo. Since fire and water are enemies and weaken each other, the week might turn out to be one in which very little gets accomplished or a week where there is conflict between change and things staying the same.

For this week I will be using my beloved Fairy Tale Tarot cards for the a side bar I will jot down card meanings also.....then at a later date I will attempt to weave the two together for at least a few of the pairings....thus weaving card meanings and elemental dignities into a joined interpretation.

Okay the it is playing...will start tomorrow but I of course have to play a bit this morning's a little combo...for reflection:

Princess of Cups and XIV Temperance so....Water + Fire

Water and Fire are enemies. Water is passive and fire is active. When I read from Catherine's and Douglas's ideas about this's what jumps out at me. "Canceling each other out." "Can be seen as passive aggressive." "reluctance to act." I would add my own thought...."A person/situation where the person feels the need for change but will do very little to actually bring it about."

Okay so I can't resist looking a little deeper...card meanings...

Princess of Cups: Romantic, sensitive, "the coming or going of an emotional matter.

XIV Temperance: Balance, inner reflection, moderation "patience"

My take on combining the two: The person will spend a lot of time in inner reflection about an emotional matter but very little will change. They may feel the need for change or the situation may call for it but nothing much will change at this point and time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commercial Break: Elemental Dignities

If you are interested at all in understanding elemental have to check out the new series over at Tarot Eon and Tarot will explore the elements and be sort of like a dictionary in much the same way keywords provide direction for card meanings.

If you haven't started exploring this aspect of card reading, I suggest that you do. It adds a new level of richness to readings and to life in general. This series is a combined effort by both bloggers and is sure to be insightful, as well as, thought provoking!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fairy Tale Friendship Sample Reading

I wrote about the Fairy Tale Friendship Spread yesterday so this morning I thought I'd try a sample reading. As I started it occured to me that even though I have named this the Fairy Tale friendship reading, it would work equally well for any relationship.

Card One: (The Seeker): Ace of Cups. Overflowing emotions, love This card also indicates the even though overflowing is only in the beginning stages, a possiblity if you will. Cups are also Water indicating 'things are not moving, things are staying the same."

Card Two: (The Other Person/Friend) Nine of Wands: Eventual Victory, Tendency to obstinacy
Hmmmm...interesting. Wands are fire. Things are moving, things are changing.

Card Three: (What connects the two people) Two of Pentacles: The ability to handle multiple situation, harmony during change, balance between two choices. Pentacles are the earth..Things
are stable, things are grounded.

Card Four: (What divides them): XVIII The Moon: Going within, illusions. deception, trickery, double-dealing. The Moon is Water...things are not moving, things are staying the same.

Putting it all together. There are several possiblities here....for the sake of time...I will only explore one this morning but will be back later to offer alternatives.

As a person I see the Ace of Cups as a person of passion and strong feelings. A person with strong intuition but one who is only just beginning to trust and rely on this. Change may be hard for this person because they are who they are. They believe strongly in some basic things and are not quick to "throw the baby out with the bathwater."

As a person I see the Nine of Wands as a person who is constantly changing and moving. Sometimes this is a good thing and creates a positive energy and at other times it can be disruptive. This person is always seeking eventula victory. But victory is whose eyes? Their own? With a tendency to obstinacy they frequently set course to victory without considering other viewpoints or options.

What connects the two? The need or the desire to maintain harmony. Neither seriously wants to upset the apple cart so to speak. there is a balance between not agreeing but remaining "together" on certain issues or topics. The need for an appearance of harmony often overrides the true nature of things and keeps them connected. add in the element: earth...there is a need to stay grounded and stable and so they do.

What divides the two? The Moon: Deception, trickery, double dealing. Hmmm this might be major behind the scenes stuff or it might be referring to the "falseness" of What connects the two...or a bit of both. I get the feeling that there really is deception and double dealing or at least one or both of the people think there is. Water...things are not changing....this is an aspect of the relationship that will not change easily...there is no trust. With two waters and an earth...I'd say slow moving or not changing...the fire is there but it is being dampened by the other three...and perhaps that is a good thing. Change for the sake of change is not desirable. Also change that is selfish is troublesome.

Hmmm....those are my first thoughts....more later.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fairy Tale Friendship

Here's an interesting little spread to try with the Fairy Tale Tarot cards. I call it Fairy Tale Friendship...


Card One is the seeker (person you are reading for)
Card Two is the other person (the friend)
Card Three is what grounds them (makes friendship exist or makes it strong).
Card Four is what divides them (what is a problem or a weakness in the friendship)

This can be based on either card meaning or the fairy tale. I personally like to use the fairy tale message but either way or a combination will work. I'll do a sample reading with the spread next.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily Draw: King of Wands

Had to laugh...King of Wands..."be open to messages that will help guide you through challenging situations." I needed this a week ago when the holiday boards disappeared into cyberpsycho land.....I'll come back and do a more detailed talk about this card....but one thought...I sure get a lot of Wands cards....wands

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fairy Tale Friends

Just a quick side note....I will be back to blogging about the Fairy Tale Tarot shortly. I have a holiday site and forums that have experienced some technical difficulties so I am working on getting that project back online quickly...I mean the holidays will be here before you know it. So just wanted to let you know...I'm still around...just super busy at the moment.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday's Card: Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles:

  • As a Person: mother earth type,
  • As Events: changing jobs or careers, family gatherings. good times
  • As Inner Processes: increase in awareness, loving self, reconnecting with nature

Fairy Tale Tarot: Domestic concerns, responsible, sensitivity.

Pentacles are earth...stable, grounded....hmmm feels anything but that right now. Lets add the elements together from this week.....

Fire + Earth + Water + Fire + Fire + Earth

Lots of fire...the week was constantlt changing..back forth and all around. I'm hoping the earth here on Friday means things are going to stablize for the weekend.

Three Major Arcana cards this week...hmmm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three of Wands

Today's Card: Three of Wands....Energy, Communication, Opportunity.....hmmmm....Three is "things growing". Well after the dreadful day yesterday, I hope this card is a good sign...!!! More later this evening....I hope...!!!

HUH....well there was energy and communication....but it wasn't a great day. I run a holiday site with forums and boom......the forums went down...yet to be fixed...sigh.
Perhaps it fits because of the opportunity...I can view this as an opportunity to start fresh or try something new

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awaken: XX Redemption Clarifies

XX Redemption is the card for today...hmmm...Traditionally Judgment. Awakening, Renewal.
In the Fairy Tale Tarot....transformation, liberation. Becoming more fully aware and integrated. Yes, I can see this starting to become woven into my week.

I'll be back this evening to add detail but for now I want to reflect on the elements for this week.

Fire (Weekly) + Earth + Water + Fire......hmmmm. I would say the weekly card element wise is telling me that this will be a week of action...things are moving...thing are changing (and I'd say so far very accurate). I think the earth indicated that I still have a firm foundation. Things overall are grounded and stable so there may be less need to worry or be stressed out by this week's events. Next the water which means things are not moving, they are staying the same it might seem a bit confusing...but I take it to mean that...things are "happening this week" lots of action, lots of stuff to do, some changes in thinking etc...BUT overall nothing big is grounded with water reinforcing that. The we have fire more "stuff to do" today.

Becoming more fully does describe today but not in a good way. Dear me!

The Spread so far...Ten of Wands....+XV Temptation + XII Entrapment...+ XX Redemption....

The Ten of Wands is the overall framework...being overwhelmed, heavy burdens....Temptation is lurking there you REALLY want to know the truth...BUT I am trapped in the tower and unable to escape. There is no way out. Even Redemption says you will awaken....but awaken to what? A nightmare? Maybe tomorrow's card will tell...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Entrapment Blocks the Way

As I did yesterday, I will post today's card and then return in the evening to embellish on my understanding of it. Today's card: Entrapment....well doesn't my week look like it's just shaping up to be something special. :)

Element: Water....Things are not moving. Things are staying the same.

Number: XII=12=1+2=3 Three is things growing.

Traditional Meaning: Suspension, change reversal, readjustment

Fairy Tale Tarot: Being stuck, suspension, transition

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel....hidden away in the lofty tower Rapunzel waits for the Prince to rescue her...

Element and number do not coincide...however...things are not moving could indicate the situation...while the three indicates the frustration!!!

Okay let's tie the Weekly Card and the two Daily Draws together.

Ten of Wands.....Temptation......Entrapment.........................................................................
Fire + Earth + Water....

Fire and Earth strengthen each other but are neutral while Earth and Water are friendly but passive. Hmmm the spark of fire is strengthen by earth but it doesn't go far...too much neutral and passivity.

Numbers: Ten + Six + Three

Ten is the completion or the end...with six being a path the seeker must tread....and three being things growing. Okay....this week will show the end of something and by walking the path my understanding of the situation will grow.

Meanings: Overwhelmed + Controversy + Readjustment

The week will be overwhelming with controversy but with a readjustment things can move forward.

Hope this makes sense so far, please ask questions if you need clarification!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Temptation Enters

Today's card is Temptation...and I'm pretty sure I know what it is referring to in regard to my Weekly Card....each morning I'll try and put up the daily card and then I will come back and type it up in the evening...because since I am going to be "overwhelmed" this week at work...I need to get there early!!!

Okay I'm going to approach this card a little differently and then tie it into the weekly draw.

I'm going to first think about the number fifteen...reduced to 1 Six....a path the seeker must tread....yes that works...Temptation is always a path...with the first little tingle of temptation one must decide whether to venture down the path or not. Blogged about this before...whether someone can be viewed as the tempter or if we are all our own tempters. While primarily it is an inner conflict within ourselves I do believe that people prey on others' weaknesses at times and lure them into things.

Element: Earth (things are grounded, things are stable) Surprises me that Temptation is the Earth...grounded and stable? Hmmmm...I would think of it more as changing and growing. Well I suppose that in the sense that it is a common and core inner conflict for all of is stable.

My Lesson: "There are lessons to be learned from the things that tempt us and in doing so we will be changed forever."

For each fairy tale I am "picking" a personal lesson to learn from the tale so for Bluebeard, I picked the above. For in the story, the woman discovers an awful truth because she is tempted to discover what is behind the locked door, and in doing so her life changes.

So let's put this together with the Weekly Card..Ten of Wands. The Weekly card indicated being overwhelmed or heavy burdens. So far very accurate for the week...add to this the Temptation card...and we have Fire + Earth...they strengthen each other but are neutral. So sort of cancel each other out.

So let's look at it another way...Ten plus six....Ten is completion...something for me will come full circle this will end or be completed...maybe an actual project or a way of thinking or maybe I'll just say..."I'm done with it." Six is a path the seeker must tread...this make me think it is more the idea that I have to come to terms with the responsibilities of the job as well as a coworkers "method" of dealing with people.

Meanings: overwhelmed + controversy/dark forces.....This week will be overwhelming and intertwined will be some dark forces or controversy surrounding work. The "temptation" will be to either shut down and avoid working..."escape" or to "buy into" someone else's agenda.

I'll be back tomorrow with another card to add to the spread.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Week Ahead

This week...I am going to outline here on Once Upon a Time my Weekly/Daily Draw as it occurs along with daily thoughts about the works like this...tonight (Sunday night) I draw a card for the coming week...this is my weekly card and provides the center or the crucial aspect of the week. Then each day I draw a card for the day...and record it along with how it relates to the week. The goal is to look for patterns and ask questions. It sort of ends up being an eight card spread that takes place over the course of 8 days. You also record how many you get of each suit, any major arcana cards and duplicates of those also. Okay on to the card.

Oh dear...Ten of Wands...honestly I was hoping for something a little more upbeat...but no "draw overs". So I'll go with it.

Ten of Wands: Heavy burdens, over whelmed, overextension (I'm thinking this pertains to work)

Wands=Fire...Things are moving. Things are changing.

Ten = The end, completion....hmmmm

Fairy Tale: Rumplestilskin...we all know the tale...guess my name!!! And boy does this fit...a work project that is constantly changing and NO ONE really knows what is what and it's like shooting in the dark to guess.

Art: The girl is kneeling with the trail of ten wands partially around her and then at her back. They are glowing., lighting the room, while that little Rumplstilskin leers in from the door....Here hands are clutched as she hopes for a miracle to save her.

Tomorrow I will post the next card in the series of draws and how it may relate to the Weekly Card.

VI The Lovers?

Well for the Sunday Daily Draw I have The Lovers.....hmmm this is one to ponder for a bit...(this is the last card in my Weekly Draw/Journaling activity)...The card for this week was The Ten of Cups....and each daily card is examined to see how it relates to the weekly card...for this post I am just looking at the Lovers card by itself.

The Lovers:

Element is Air (Thoughts and Ideas) Furthermore Air is "There are problems" (not sure if this applies in a one word draw but I include it here for your reflection.)

VI: If you consider the 6...."a path the seeker shall tread." hmm just showing it to think about.

Traditional Meanings: (general) Love, harmony, meaningful relationships

Fairy Tale Tarot Meanings: Committment/Relationships "The power of the union of animus and anima."

Fairy Tale: Jorinda and Joringal: The lovers happen upon a wicked sorceress who casts a spell on Joringal turning her into a nightingale and turns Jorinda out into the world to wander aimlessly without his love. After a vision and a magic flower, he is able to save Joringal and imprison the sorceress.

Well...let's see....I will say....There are problems with thoughts and ideas concerning meaningful relationships/love/harmony. It is a path I shall tread. Well...yes that does fit right now....

When I first saw the Lovers card for today...I no no...that doesn't "fit" at all because I thought of the love/harmony aspect of the card. There's a sitution going on with a family member that is kind of the opposite. It is affecting me. But when I add in the element helps the reading make sense...I'm not saying I am 100% correct in this and it's hard with just one card but I am beginning to learn how other aspects...such as numbers and especially the elements can help clarify a reading.

THANKS TO TAROTEON and TAROT ELEMENTS for all of the information that I am trying to learn and weave into my readings....but I need practice, practice, practice. Honestly if you haven't checked out these two it....there's a lot of "stuff" there and it may seem overwhelming but just pick one or two things to try and you will see the depth and clarity it will add to your readings.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Places This Pig Can Take You!

Okay...sometimes a day just unfolds and you start to wonder if you are reading about fairytales or if they are actually happening in your is that the Big Bad Wolf hovering behind my car....just waiting for me to emerge from the house so he can pounce on me?

I woke up at 4:45 this morning to go work out and when I grabbed my phone I happened to notice I had a text from a friend of mine in another was a distressing text that was sent at midnight...well sometimes I am up late but not recently since the 5 am workout way I can reach him by text at 5:00 to check on him...soo off to the gym and then back home to get ready for work...sigh...since I'm distracted I get on the computer and grab the Fairy Tale Tarot deck. Card for the Day...Three of Pentacles...I'm like...what the heck??? How is this little piggy going to help me?

Three of Pentacles:

Pentacles: Earth (Physical Pursuits/Work/Create/Finance)

Earth: Things are grounded. Things are stable.

Three: Shows things growing (a cartomancy meaning...included for reflection)

Traditional Meanings: (general) Reward for skills or abilities, approval, success through effort.

Fairy Tale Tarot Meanings: Creativity, Planning..."Utilize your creative skills to implement a plan."

Fairy Tale: The familiar Three Little Pigs. With the big bad wolf...lurking...hmmm

Art on Card: This little card has the third little pig lugging those bricks...but looking happy and productive while the wolf lounges in the background...I notice he is building his house at the end of a path or road. It feels like a "whistle while you work" scene...hate to mix fairy tales but there you go...he is "creating"...he is productive but always there in the background is the wolf...STARTING to sound like my morning huh!

So I go to work pondering my card...well if nothing else it got my mind off other worries. Then when I got to work...I started talking to someone about something or the other...and they said I should create a "dream" board...and then that lead me to the vision board idea...and the next thing I know I'm ripping everything off the bulletin board that hangs above my desk and planning to make a vision board...

As far as my friend...things are not 100%'s like the Three Little Pig card again...there is still a wolf lurking but for now things are STABLE....remember the whole earth aspect. And that Three?...things growing...well my vision board is growing and so are the possibilities.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Which Fairy Tale Character is Poe?


The last poll results are in and Bill Gates is the Brave Little Tailor...Focus on your job and look for ways to streamline your skills.

Yes a resourceful tailor who increases his standing in both wealth and position through his clever ways and gullible people....hohohoho...gullible people....reminds me of computer software with upgrade after upgrade after upgrade....oh dear...didn't mean to get into a rant...

NEXT POLL UP: Which Fairy Tale Character is Edgar Allan Poe?

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Card for the Week: Ten of Cups

Image ©Copyright 2009 Lisa Hunt & Llewellyn Publications. Used by Permission.

What a great card for my weekly draw. This week I will draw a card everyday and see how it relates to the Ten of Cups (my weekly card). This allows me to make connections between cards, as well as, see a pattern develop over the week.

Ten of Cups:

Cups: Water, Emotions and Feelings

Water: Things are not moving. Things are staying the same.

Tens: The end

Ten of Cups (general): A happy family, true friendships, lasting happiness

Ten of Cups (Fairy Tale Tarot) Dreams Fulfilled, Peace

Fairy Tale: The Girl Fish, a story of greed and selfishness which turns to adventure and goodness until finally rewarded in the end. The girl, becomes a fish and ventures out to recover a stolen corwn. In the end she is transformed to her lovely adult self and marries the King and they live happily ever after!!!

As a weekly card this one seems good but not sure how it will all transpire...I can see the emotions part...things in life have been a bit of a roller coaster lately...what I don;t get is the Things are not moving...unless it means the things I am worrying about...aren't really going to change...which in this case might very well be a good thing...The Ten as the end...I feel like it is saying...the end of worrying or maybe just HEY listen...things are not moving, they are staying the same..THE END...sort of like an emphasis or exclamation point! I like the words...happy family, dreams fulfilled etc. The story itself, might actually play out in life....someone who is sort of stubborn and wants their own way, spoiled but then discovers what it feels like to be of service to someone the end winning true happiness.....interesting. We shall see.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Commercial Break...Tarot Elements

Earlier I did a post comparing the four Queens in the Fairy Tale Tarot. If you are interested in exploring further the differences between Queens in tarot decks I would highly suggest you travel over to Tarot Elements and read the wonderful information about the Queens. Not only does it explore the differences between Wands, Swords, Cups and Disks/Pentacles but it further divides the meanings down into when the card describes a person, an event, or inner processes. It is a wonderful resource. The post is one in a series, so be sure and check out the additional posts on the Knights and the Pages. There's a lot of information but it is user friendly.

Don't Forget to Vote

There's one day left in the Which Fairy Tale character is Bill Gates poll....You can find it in the sidebar to the scroll down a little and vote....please!!!

P.S.....Yes, I know I should have included the Big Bad a choice...but's Fairy Tale Land here!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

That Six of Wands

I just can't get that Six of Wands out of my mind (and okay I'm avoiding cleaning house too) BUT it is just stuck in my head, along with how it would make a great image on a SoulCollage card. With other images also...I know not what yet....but along with the creation of a soul card also write a description as part of the process...usually answering some questions...I suppose sort of like a "card interview"....since I wrote earlier about a deck interview. Here are some musings on the image from the Six of would become part of a collage...(dang it...I'm going have to get another deck to do collages to put it on my wish list)...Anyway....the questions are asked to the part of the "soul" that this soul card of now...I only know that my soul card will include the Six of Wands...but will have other images as well....

Who are you?
I am the one who defends you. I am the one who fights dragons for you.. I am the one who does not tire of defending you.. I am the one who is always there as a protector, a defender, who will never cease in my loyalty to you. I am the one who knows you are worth the fight. I am the one who throughout your life will let you shine but will stand ready to be the "warrior" should the need arise.

What do you have to give me?
I give you courage in life. I give you safety and security. I give you the knowing that life can not defeat you. I give you the power to travel life's path and feel confident.

What do you want from me?
I want you to know that fear can only exist if you let it. I want you to know that my strength can overcome any obstacle. I want you to see the beauty in life, to rejoice in your dreams and to know victory is at hand.

Is there anything else you have to tell me today?
You are a woman, part of a strong and wise circle. We are courageous in ways that men can only dream about. We have many things in our heads, minds, hearts, and souls. We are the bearers of life, intuition, and ancient wisdom. I am here to make sure your path is clear and safe, as you journey toward your destiny. Remember it is a well traveled path, followed by many since ancient times and into eternity.

Edited to Add: I suppose this soulcollage card would be my "warrior" card. There are all kinds of others both part of the Committe Suit and the Council Suit. So in essence the Six of Wands would become part of the soulcollage card that represents the "part of me" or "the archetype" that is "The Warrior." Hmmm off to ponder ideas for the is a 5 x 8 size card...hmmm....lots of dragons would be nice...hmmm.

Daily Draw: Six of Wands

Image ©Copyright 2009 Lisa Hunt & Llewellyn Publications. Used by Permission.'s the Six of Wands AGAIN....interesting. I sometimes draw the same card two days in a row or sometimes multiple times in one week. I suppose it's either telling me: YOU AREN'T LISTENING! or is something that I REALLY need to pay attention to.

So it was yesterdays card and before I drew today I was looking at the image and thinking about how if I bought another deck, this would be a really great image to use as part of a soul collage card BUT I shuffled the deck really good and I drew from the middle of the deck....and it's the Six of Wands again. Time to look a little closer...

Wands: (Fire: action, energy, passion)

Fire: Things are moving and changing. (Note: Fire and Water are enemies)

Six: Shows a path the seeker shall tread

Six of Wands (general): Good news, success, victory, helpful friends

Six of Wands (Fairy Tale Tarot): Victory, Success, Triumph "Victory is at hand."

Fairy Tale: The Prince and the Dragon, After a long journey and many hardships, the Prince fights the dragon for many days before his victory.

Ooooohhh....seems this is a VERY nice card to draw. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is accurate. I will say that in my life perhaps it is reflective. Things seem to be changing, calming down and perhaps heading more in a direction I would consider "victory". Not on a level with "fighting a dragon." but still in a postive course.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Naming the Nameless

I will write about why the Fairy Tale Tarot reminded me of the older post. The way we experience emotion in our lives and the way the emotions both make us who we are and have the potential to make us question who we really are.

The Fairy Tale Tarot reminded me of the earlier post, Life is Like Landing on the Hudson because of the wide range of emotions experienced by the passengers on the plane and the similar range of emotions that can be evoked by both the cards and the fairy tales.

When one is “introduced” to a new deck, there is a thrill of new adventure or the beginning of a journey just as the passengers on the plane experienced. Anticipation and possibilities await, whether it’s a business trip or a vacation. The same is true of a deck. (Although I must say…some decks are better “flights” than others.) Then, of course, there is confusion, just as the passengers struggled to understand what was happening on this flight of terror, the Fairy Tale Tarot may create some confusion as one struggles to understand the cards and the messages they are sending.

Now let's think about the fairy tales themselves. They provide snapshots of every human emotion imaginable. They are like mirrors reflecting fear, sadness, loss, terror, wonder, joy and relief, as well as, hundreds of other feelings. These stories evoke in us deep emotions, and these very emotions and how we experience them are what makes us who we are. For example, the strong silent type, the whiner, the Pollyanna, etc.

People have been being described by their emotional states since the beginning of time. But to me the really interesting aspect is HOW these same emotions, the ones that shape who we are and how we face the world....can challenge us at our core, can give us such pause that we take off in new directions and discover new things along this journey of life. It is this aspect that plays out in the Fairy Tale Tarot, for the art, the stories, and the way we use them in our lives encourages a deeper understanding of self. It is in the questioning that we grow.

And just like the people on the plane, we have to decide if the "shock" of our life experiences are going to leave us paralyzed and stuck in a plane filling with water. Or if we will move forward in the moment and let a "calm" sense of purpose settle over us.

In some ways the cards provide this calm sense of purpose. They give us a framework for considering more than just this world but the inner world also. It's hard to explore something that has no name. And the soul, our inner world, our personalities, our emotions, are illusive...they are nameless. The Fairy Tale Tarot allows us to give them a name.....Tatterhood, The Sorceress, Hok Lee, The Snow Daughter, Coyote, and many, many others. They are all reflections of us. Are at the very least pieces of a puzzle. A Puzzle called SELF.

So don't be shy, step right up...out onto the wing of the plane, if you will. Don't stay behind in the useless plane with water seeping in around your feet. With the confidence of the Summer Queen, assert yourself. Bring warmth to the seasons of your life. Pick up the deck and introduce yourself, one card and one story at a time.

Fairy Tale Based SoulCollage Cards

This is a soulcollage card of the divine child from KaleidoSoul
This card is part of the Council Suit. When I happened upon this site a year or more ago, I was immediately intriqued and wanted to work on the cards but life and time and all of that just sort of put the project on the back burner. Well, I'm inspired again by the possibility of making them fairy tale based. Even if I end up using other images...which I probably will...having at least a fairy tale element in each one...

I have been wanting to make soul cards for a long time now...last year I start collecting "pictures" that "spoke to me". They are still sitting in a box...then all of the sudden today...immersed in fairy tales such as I am...I thought I could use fairy tales as the materials for my soulcollage cards. They would be the perfect images for at least two of the suits....The Council Suit and the Committee Suit.

There are four suits: The Committee Suit (inner voices/parts of self). The Community Suit (those that support, friends, pets, and author or singer who has touched your life) The Companion Suit (your animal totem, seven, one for each Chakra) and The Council Suit (archetypes, dream figures that guide you)

I'm not sure where to get the fairy tale images...I was thinking perhaps old books from garage sales or second hand shops...I gasp at the thought of using the cards...but IDK...I might order a deck to use as part of the soulcollages...hmmm...something to ponder. BUT I did take a first step....I ordered the mat board...precut in 5 x 8 size...which is the suggested size. I'm getting excited about this...and let me say...I am not really an artist....but this is about more than is about connecting with yourself in deeper ways. What a wondeful way to while away the cold winterevening, which will be upon me before I know it. AND of course the first one I shall work on will be The own soul card...

Quote from Inner Surprises:
"The Council Suit of a SoulCollage® Deck is made up of archetypes and spiritual guides. This suit represents the mystical realm of beings and spirits who are unseen, but observed by the soul. Archetypes are universal themes that have been always active in our lives. This suit usually contains a Death card, and a Fool card."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life is Like Landing on the Hudson

The post below I wrote and originally posted on another blog of mine on January 26, 2009. I share it with you here because of some parallels the experience (Landing on the Hudson) has with using the Fairy Tale Tarot....for now I will leave you with the original post...and later I shall post my thoughts comparing the two experiences.

The recent landing of a plane on the Hudson River without any loss of lives was amazing. So amazing that it made me think about the array of emotions the passengers experienced during that short 3-5 minute flight. Over the course of just minutes people experienced anticipation, confusion, fear, sadness, loss, terror as the "Brace for Impact" message sunk in, wonder that they were still alive, panic as they realized the icy waters were an extreme danger, hope at seeing the light of day, and joy and relief at the sight of approaching rescuers.

And then it didn't take me long to realize that those emotions...that constantly changing array of feelings are often experienced during life. Life is like landing on the Hudson River. There are many times in life that we ride the same plane full of emotions. Times in our life when we dip from extreme joy to profound despair, whether it's over the loss of a job, a death, or the complications of a relationship that we treasure but do not know how to fix. Life is like landing on the Hudson.

And just like the people on the plane, we have to decide if the "shock" of our life experiences are going to leave us paralyzed and stuck in a plane filling with water. Or if we will move forward in the moment and let a "calm" sense of purpose settle over us. Experiences in life, the way our families interact, our beliefs about life, and our own emotional turmoils shape our ability to move forward. Often we do not recognize the significant impact our relationships with others have on our ability to manuveur that plane down for a safe landing. The most important element in our lives is unconditional love and so many people have no one providing it and no idea what it feels like.

Without someone who truly cares for us and accepts us, it is pretty hard to land the plane of our life in the Hudson without fatalities. Life is like landing on the Hudson....the range of emotions can be terrifying but it is in the way that we handle those aspects of our lives that can make all the difference in a safe landing or a crash that ends our lives.

In a future post I will write about why the Fairy Tale Tarot reminded me of this older post. The way we experience emotion in our lives and the way the emotions both make us who we are and have the potential to make us question who we really are.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Soul Card Part 2 The Sorceress

Owdscrat left a question on my first post about the mention that this card can mean "lack of patience" I had printed some pages off the internet and have been using them to learn more about the cards. It lists upright and reverse meanings so perhaps it is a mistake from that source. I hope it does mean patience...makes me even happier with my soul card!! That's why I LOVE comments...they help me correct any errors in thinking/knowledge, give me more to ponder, and inspire me to think in new directions.

So I looked at the Sorceress Card in the Once Upon a Time book....Key Words: Intuition, Secrets, Mysteries. "The Sorceress can help you become more connected with the universe." Hmmm as my soul card it would be my purpose through all the lifetimes...very cool...I love it! I like to think that perhaps in some of my many ramblings....someone might gain a small bit of insight or I suppose that might fit.

It's sort of strange because in this story the fairy mother also leaves her human children and returns to the lake in much the same way the "seal" in the Sealskin fairy tale does. (Queen of Cups) But this story doesn't haunt me the way the seal one does. In the Sealskin the fairy comes away as deeply longing for the true essence of be who she really is...and I suppose that speaks to me. It is such a core emotion/condition for many people.

In the Lake Maiden, I'm actually a little unclear of the self imposed rule of the husband not striking her three wasn't like "hitting"...that I would understand...but it was one of the parts of the story I found puzzling. Here the Lake Maiden set clear boundaries, they were broken and she left. But it was her choice. Perhaps the fact that she had a choice made the difference in feeling. While the Seal longed for her underwater home...she really never had a choice. The fisherman stole her sealskin so she could not return. Also at the beginning the Lake Maiden chose to go with the man, not so with the Seal.


My Personality Card: Justice
Comparing the Kings
And any other thing that strikes my in fairy tale land.

Fairy Tale Memories

Since I'm becoming so immersed in fairy tales, I swear I see a fairy tale connection in everything in I wanted to offer an idea for getting kids to talk. I work with middle school kids and mostly they talk a lot but some situations they ramble on without much insight. Well they are middle school age....but it's really a time in life to start developing some insight.

Well, way back when....a long time ago....I started using this idea, can't remember where it came from.

Me: "Hey you know you remind me of Alice in know that book?"

To which they typically roll their eyes and say, "yeah".

Me: "Well, there's a part of it that reminds me of you."

More eye rolling but they usually lean forward and start to at least look a tad interested. Then when they say, "What part?" I know I've hooked them.

Me: " Well, why don't you guess."

Then no matter what they guess..."Oh I bet it's cause I'm always late like the White Rabbit." or "Hmmm probably because all the teachers say "off with his head" Or whatever.....I always say...

Me: "That's exactly right...have you always been like the ___________(white rabbit or something that fits) or "That's exactly right, do you always evoke that response from others?" They are always "exactly right" no matter what they pick.

And then the conversation is off with a little leap and it can go amazing places. I use Alice because most of the kids know the story (but you can use any common story)...and with all this fairy tale stuff...well...there's some real possibilities here. Now one would mostly need to stick to commonly known stories or perhaps offer it as a bit of intrigue and say "You remind me of Tatterhood." and when they ask why or what then direct them, "It's a fairy tale, you might want to look it up on the internet." Yes the things that could happen...just like Dr. Seuss....the places you will go....

Well the school year starts tomorrow so I think I shall give it a try this year...I'm thinking the twists and turns might make it a most thought provoking year. Working with kids can be inspiring but well honestly, I'm sorry to say......a little depressing sometimes....there are many a sad the fairy tales might be just the trick to weave a little magic in life.

My Soul Card: The Sorceress

Thanks to Genna over at Aeclectic for mentioning this little gem. Finding your Personality Card and Your Soul Card.

"Add the numbers of your birth date. Any number between 1 and 22 is your Personality card. Then you add the numbers until you get to the smallest number you can get. That is your Soul card.Your Personality card indicates what you have to learn in this lifetime. The Soul card shows your soul purpose through all the lifetimes, and falls between 1 and 9. Hope that helps. It´s from Mary Greer´s "Tarot for Your Self" a very good Tarot book in my opinion." (quote Genna)

My Personality Card is 11 Justice...I'll return to write of that another day, although I've touched on this card already via my weekly draw. It's a good card I think to represent what I have to learn in this lifetime.

My Soul Card is II The Sorceress/High Priestess....I love it!!! My soul's purpose through all the lifetimes. Traditional interpretations wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuitive, lack of patience (I think I'm suppose to learn patience not a lack of it...already have that!), a teacher. Can you believe I left the Fairy Tale Tarot book at I'll have to come back later and add any additonal words/characteristics from there. It is frustrating me because I can not remember the story that goes with this card...pooh...makes me wat to actually GO to work Oh wait...the story...can't remember the name but it is the story where the fairy marries the man but tells him he can not strike her three times, and he does and she leaves and returns to the water.

Well, I simply can not think of a better Soul Card....I want to muse on this a bit today...and I'll come back and add to this post a bit later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I The Magician

This card unlike the 0 Card feels "magical" so if Little Red represents each of us on the journey or quest through life (the actual physical person in a sense, with all their insecurities and foolish ways) than this card: The Magician represents "inner magic". That part of each of us that simply "knows" what to do, what to say, what is needed.

Wu while unaware of the true nature of the situation on a conscious level, understands it perfectly subconsciously. The dragon is that part of life that can "bite you in the butt" if you act or react without understand the core of the issue. Since the keywords are "directing energy" and "focus" I think it is highlighting the "power" that each of us have inside ourselves and speaking to the need to allow these to emerge in our lives.

The symbolism of the golden box says it best..."the key to accessing hidden powers." So in that sense the card is about possiblities. Opprtunities, yes but also the real possiblity of growth on a deeper level. So external opportunities but even more importantly inner possibilities. In a way the dragon represents that inner aspect of Wu himself, it is released in his life and has the power to transform his life....IF he recognizes it and "welcomes" it.

To me the Fairy tale lesson would be something like ..."There is a dragon inside each of us, welcome it and your life will be transformed."

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Poll Up

Which Fairy Tale Character is Bill Gates?

Jack the Giant 250
Hok 209
Brave Little Tailor..... page 279
Rumplestilskin...... page 235
Urashima..... page 114

So check out the Fairy tales and then vote in the poll for this week!!! It's a fun way to get to know the fairy tale characters!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tarot Eon...A Commercial Break

Have you ever thought about whether you should use a significator in a spread? Have you ever had questions about how the elements play out in tarot or even just in our lives? If you hop on over to Tarot Eon you will find help with those questions, as well as many many others. Not fairy tale based but still a wealth of information about thousands of subjects. It is one of the most comprehensive web sites I visited. And I'm appreciative of the information because it allows me to weave deeper meaning and understanding into my readings, and also life in general.

Since I'm a novice, well maybe with a little embedded intuitive edge, I'm just discovering many sites of interest and so I'll be posting "commercial breaks" when I find a site worthy of exploration. Many of you "experts" may already know the sites and the info...if so please get a snack during the commercial breaks while I oooo and awww over all the intriguing stuff I'm discovering. And well, NOW you know why my friends think I'm a bit strange, because I just have eclectic interests and a thirst for knowledge. They LOVE me though, so I guess it's not all bad!!

Comparing the Queens

There are various ways to "get to know" the cards in a deck. Some decks I have devoted a lot of time to and others I have barely skimmed the surface. You can literally spend hours and hours on this. The other day for some unknown reason I got the bright idea of making single sheet copies of each of the court all four queens on a sheet of paper, all four kings and so on. So I have a black and white copy of the four together in my notebook. It was a whim, simply, nothing more. Then I thought since they were all four there together I might see how they "relate" to each other or stack up as a "group".

WANDS: Represents Fire (Actions, Energy, Passions)

The Queen of Wands is represented by the story of The White Cat. I was particularly interested in this one because in several readings I have had the impression that the Queen of Wands represented me. Sometimes I get a strong feel of this about certain cards...just like I feel the Princess of Wands represents my daughter. It consistently turns up in her readings. So I felt the time was a hand to read the tale of the White Cat.

The Fairy Tale: The White Cat was an interesting read. A father unwilling to let go of his "position" and an alluring cat that held a strong magnetic pull for the young prince. I'll be honest....the tale seems a bit simplistic...fitting for sure for this particular card but I suppose I wish there was more description of the relationship between the prince and the cat.

The Card: The book states that the key words for this card are: leadership, warm, intelligent, influential, charming. A female authority with influence. Someone confident and inspiring.

CUPS: Represents Water (Emotions/Feelings)

The Fairy Tale: The Queen of Cups is represented by the story of Seal Skin. This one sort of haunts me. In it a fisherman finds the seals (in human form) dancing on the beach and steals the skin of one and refuses to give it back as he wants to make the beautiful maiden his wife. I think this represents the extent someone will go to to cure their lonliness. For years they live together and even have children and although the maiden is fond of him she always longs for her sea home and family. Eventually she does get the skin back and tells her human children goodbye and leaves. I suppose the haunting quality comes from her leaving behind her human children. As I reflect on it it makes me realize that no matter the strong love we have for others (even our own children) we can not give up the "essence" of who we are and be truly happy. If we try to or are forced will always call to us and we will never be really satisfied.

The Card: Key words for this card are loving and intuitive. It represents connecting with inner feelings. I think it represents a person who either has some strong longings or desires or who understands them very well.

SWORDS: Represents Air (Thoughts and Ideas)

The Fairy Tale: The Tongue Cut Sparrow is the story of a man with a negative and nagging wife who befriends a small sparrow who talks. As life would have it, the wife gets mad and cuts the tongue out of the sparrow and releases it. The man searches the forest until he finds his friend who is actually a fairy. They visit and rejoice in finding each other again and when the man leaves the sparrow lets him choose between a large or small box. He takes the smaller one and discovers at home that it is full of riches. The wife is furious that he need not choose the larger box and goes to get it from the sparrow. On the way home she opens it, only to discover it is full of demons. She runs back to the protection of her home and changes her negative ways.

The Card: This card represents a female who is cool, calm, and collected. She is pragmatic and not easily shakened under pressure. The key words for this card are calm and perceptive.

PENTACLES: Represents Earth (Physical pursuits, work, finance, create)

The Fairy Tale: Summer Queen is the story of the seasons. Or at least summer and winter. She chases the cold back up north to save the inhabitants from the icy grip of winter. But being kind and senisible she allows winter to return each year for a short time. She is powerful in her gentle ways but not vindictive over her "win".

The Card: This card represents someone to assist beyond periods of stasis. It is an individual with common sense and strength, someone with a gentle power who is also kind and wise. The key words for this card are earth mother, domestic concerns. responsibility, sensisbility.


Queen of Wands: A charming woman that can influence, intelligent and warm
Queen of Cups: A woman who has/understands deep longings/desires, intuitive and loving
Queen of Swords: A calm, perceptive woman who is not easily shakened under pressure.
Queen of Pentacles: A well grounded woman, strong and sensible, kind and wise.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Deck Interview

I got the New Deck Interview Spread and Questions from FireRaven at Aeclectic.

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

CARD: King of Pentacles: Oh this is priceless...."Summon the help of someone who can provide a voice of logic as you try to determine your best course of action." Key words: integrity, support, wealth. I think the deck is saying that its most important characteristic is that it is a vehicle for helping to determine the best course of action.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

CARD: XVI Deception: This just gets better and better..."If we deny ourselves inner truths and pursue a life of pretense and shallow intent, we will be setting ourselves up for a fall." Key words: disaster, breaking illusions, revelation. So I think the decks stength is that it helps us identify our inner truths and helps us move away from shallow truths. It "reflects" (as I wrote earlier) just like a clear pool and we can see ourselves reflected there, as well as, catch a glimpes of "something more". Like those wings, be they parts of our spiritual self, or parts of the spiritual world.

3. What are your limits as a deck?

CARD: Three of Wands: ..."You can facilitate creative growth by remaining open to those things that will help you diversify." Key words: Energy, communication, opportunity. This card is saying that the change or growth are up to us. We direct this aspect of the process. The deck can't "make" someone change or "see". It is simply a tool for facilitating growth but openess, awareness, creativity, and change are all up to the individual.

4. What do you bring to the table -- what are you here to teach me?

CARD: Eight of Cups: ..."We can quickly get lost in the momentum of our actions without considering pause." Key words: Greed, Overindulgence, Change. This one is a little harder for me to "see". I think it is saying that it brings a chance for "pause" or a way to stop and reflect. It is here to teach me not to get lost in the hectic pace of life but to pause and seek the inner world as well as the physical world. Overindulgence in either world is not helpful but balance is the key.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?

CARD: Eight of Wands..."This may entail taking a journey and making things happen." Key words....cooperative activities, swift action, making things happen. I don't think the swift action part of this really is the message. I think the message is in the "journey". It is saying the best way to learn and collaborate is to be open to the journey, to participate in cooperative activities with others and to let things "unfold".

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

CARD: Queen of Cups..."If we learn to connect more with our innermost feelings, we may be able to sharpen our intuitive senses and psychic impulses. By harnessing these inner resources, we have the opportunities to strengthen our love and compassion for others." Key words: loving, intuitive. This is a great potential outcome...and the quote really says it all!!!!

This is an awesome activity....give it a try...!!