This blog is designed to explore the new Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. But since I LOVE to blog....I am sure I'll wander off into some other musings about fairytales!!

"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fairy Tales and Life

Life is like a fairy tale.....rolling along with trolls under bridges and big bad wolves luking outside the door. Life can turn from shining carriage to pumpkin in a split second. Life can be harsh like the story of the Little Match Girl or warm and sunny like Cinderella. Life can be fast paced and unpredictable.

Fairy Tales offer us guidance, inspiration, and a sense of comfort....reminding us of childhood joys and sweet memories. That is the beauty of the Fairy Tale takes the aspects of tale-land and weaves them into our world of today....tiny glimpses of life seen through the magical lenses of time and different lands...

Fairy Tales speak of human spirit, human folly, human reality....yes...reality....for even with talking creatures and magic dragons....they speak of the essence of mankind. They are vibrant tales of the journey through this world and timeless proof that a good tale never ends...

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