This blog is designed to explore the new Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. But since I LOVE to blog....I am sure I'll wander off into some other musings about fairytales!!

"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commercial Break: Elemental Dignities

If you are interested at all in understanding elemental have to check out the new series over at Tarot Eon and Tarot will explore the elements and be sort of like a dictionary in much the same way keywords provide direction for card meanings.

If you haven't started exploring this aspect of card reading, I suggest that you do. It adds a new level of richness to readings and to life in general. This series is a combined effort by both bloggers and is sure to be insightful, as well as, thought provoking!! CHECK IT OUT!!


  1. Hi Ginger,

    Thank you for writing this post. It's very kind of you, and I hope that both Catherine and I produce something that people find useful and helpful.

    All the best,

    Douglas Gibb - tarot eon.

  2. Hi Ginger,

    Just to reinforce what Douglas is saying, thank you for posting about our Tarot blogs (again!), and for promoting our Elemental Dignities Dictionary and Compendium.



  3. No problem....I am learning so much from both of your sites that I'm glad to pass the word on. :)