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"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

VI The Lovers?

Well for the Sunday Daily Draw I have The Lovers.....hmmm this is one to ponder for a bit...(this is the last card in my Weekly Draw/Journaling activity)...The card for this week was The Ten of Cups....and each daily card is examined to see how it relates to the weekly card...for this post I am just looking at the Lovers card by itself.

The Lovers:

Element is Air (Thoughts and Ideas) Furthermore Air is "There are problems" (not sure if this applies in a one word draw but I include it here for your reflection.)

VI: If you consider the 6...."a path the seeker shall tread." hmm just showing it to think about.

Traditional Meanings: (general) Love, harmony, meaningful relationships

Fairy Tale Tarot Meanings: Committment/Relationships "The power of the union of animus and anima."

Fairy Tale: Jorinda and Joringal: The lovers happen upon a wicked sorceress who casts a spell on Joringal turning her into a nightingale and turns Jorinda out into the world to wander aimlessly without his love. After a vision and a magic flower, he is able to save Joringal and imprison the sorceress.

Well...let's see....I will say....There are problems with thoughts and ideas concerning meaningful relationships/love/harmony. It is a path I shall tread. Well...yes that does fit right now....

When I first saw the Lovers card for today...I no no...that doesn't "fit" at all because I thought of the love/harmony aspect of the card. There's a sitution going on with a family member that is kind of the opposite. It is affecting me. But when I add in the element helps the reading make sense...I'm not saying I am 100% correct in this and it's hard with just one card but I am beginning to learn how other aspects...such as numbers and especially the elements can help clarify a reading.

THANKS TO TAROTEON and TAROT ELEMENTS for all of the information that I am trying to learn and weave into my readings....but I need practice, practice, practice. Honestly if you haven't checked out these two it....there's a lot of "stuff" there and it may seem overwhelming but just pick one or two things to try and you will see the depth and clarity it will add to your readings.

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  1. Hi Ginger,

    Thanks for another wonderful mention :)

    I've often questioned the elements in cards like the Lovers. As you have rightly stated, it's element is air - but it relates to love and relationships - which seems rather contradictory to me and is something I wrote about my own Tarot blog.

    Older, more historical decks show an image of a man and two women in the Lovers card - and this is where the air element comes in - it represents a choice he has to make between them. Some say it's leaving his mother for his wife; others say it's choosing the chaste over the 'experienced'. It's still a choice though and so falls into the realm of the mind.

    It's also still about love and the emotions, and so for me carries a sub-element of water, but there I go confusing the issue...

    I'm glad you're dipping your toe in elemental waters (pun intended), fire away any questions you many have - I'm always happy to help :)