This blog is designed to explore the new Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. But since I LOVE to blog....I am sure I'll wander off into some other musings about fairytales!!

"The Fairy Tale Tarot cards are like gazing into that pool. They reflect different aspects of each of us. They illuminate or accentuate those parts of us that we seek, or deny, or just long to understand. The cards and the fairy tales they are based on, provide a framework for understanding self and the human aspects of life. And maybe the "not so human" aspects too....the spiritual. They are the water in the pool. Clear and shimmering, reflecting clearly and yet also bringing forth tiny glimpses of those wings. It is this aspect of the cards that called to me. I feel they have things to reveal to me and I am anxious to hear them "speak."

Friday, August 14, 2009

So The Votes In...And...

Red Riding Hood
4 (44%)
2 (22%)
Summer Queen
1 (11%)
Snow Queen
0 (0%)
White Cat
1 (11%)
Ugly Duckling
1 (11%)
Snow Daughter
0 (0%)
Puss in Boots
0 (0%)
Votes so far: 9 Poll closed

Lisa Hunt according to this Little Red Riding Hood...well yes I know her little profile picture is Little Red...but I voted Coyote and here's why...

In the book..." Our inner creativity has a chance to ignite into a period of renewed inspiration." Coyote is the benevolant trickster in much the same way Lisa is in her Fairy Tale Tarot...teasing us into considering new things, lurking in the pages of the book to jump out and "light us on fire" with a surprising tidbit or a new way of perceiving the world, carrying the "torch" of transformation. Much like the Coyote in How the Coyote Stole Fire.

Honestly, I think one of the most interesting part of the fairy tales is that we can see ourselves as all of the characters. Perhaps different parts of our personality, different moods, or at different stages in our life BUT we are all a part of the tales and they are all a part of us. Woven together.

It may be Sunday before I put up the next poll....hmmmm...who shall it be? This I must give some thought...I have a couple of ideas but I also need to pull some new characters from the tales to use as to read a few tales before bedtime!!

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  1. Oooh, I like that! Yes, I do see myself as Little Red Riding hood--following the perilous journey of the wayward artist/writer. Every time I start a new project, I feel like the Fool; full of creative adventure and not knowing exactly what lies ahead as I turn the next corner. But I can understand why one would choose coyote--because there is something deliberate about the risks I took to create this deck. And I was full of fire as I tackled each painting with ineffable vigor. Thank you so much for this poll! I believe the archetypes presented in The Fairy Tale Tarot can be seen and felt in all of us. This blog is simply fascinating!